Think Pink – Rosé Day

Think pink! And by pink, I mean Rosé. Because it’s National Rose Day, and we have a flight of excellent Rosés for you to taste! I know, it doesn’t take a lot of coaxing to convince you to try one of summer’s favorite treats.  You’ll find Rosésin many forms and shades –  still or bubbly, sweet or dry, deep pink, pale pink, and orange-pink.

Unlike many of its cousins, Rosé doesn’t come from a specific grape or region; it’s just a genre of wine, like red or white. Many tasty Rosés come from France’s Provence, Loire and Rhône Valleys. In Spain, it’s rosado bigger and bolder than Provencale wines, deep pink color and fruity to go work with meat in Italy, it’s rosato.  You’ll also find good Rosés from Chile, Uruguay, Germany, and Australia.

Rosés are consumed while they’re still yound; don’t look around for an aged bottle – you don’t want anything older than a year or two.

Looking for more info on Rosé? Forbes has a good article here. Or, just stop in to see us and ask the bartender to give you a great Domaine Hudson Rosé flight. It’s a great summertime sipper.


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Try a flight of Rosé wine with dinner tonight!

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