“The Best Thing I Ate All Year!”

Thank you to the “Good Taste Blog” for mentioning Domaine Hudson on your “Best Thing I Ate All Year!”   (http://www.visitwilmingtonde.com/goodtaste/?p=1225)

Here’s what stood out for them:   “Green tea cake at Domaine Hudson: The finale of an impressive seven-course meal from Chef Dwain Kalup was this tea cake, served with fried rice, yuzu caramel, white chocolate sesame bark and Thai basil gelato. It was a marvel of contrasting flavors and textures, delicate yet robust in flavor.”

What’s the best thing you ate at Domaine Hudson last year?



  1. My husband and I were this past Saturday night and sat at the bar for drinks and food. First of all, our bartender , John, was no other we had ever had the pleasure of meeting. His personality and knowledge of wine, drinks and the food were incredible. Second, the chef is incredible. We had the cheese and cured meats, along with soup and steak. It was fabulous.. It was my husband’s birthday, and it was an wonderful time. We will be back!

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