The Best Gift of All

Gifts Worth Giving, Part 3

We think the most valuable gift of all is something you can give all year round, and it doesn’t cost a cent. The gift most worth giving – and receiving?  Friendship.

When we bought Domaine Hudson, we were coming  from a completely different profession and location.  Frankly, we came here not knowing what we didn’t know, and not knowing who we didn’t know.  With just a few local friends and their invaluable support, we weathered some interesting times.

Now, five years later, we’ve developed countless friendships that mean everything to us.  We see many of you only at the restaurant, but we feel a kinship with you, knowing that we have in common an appreciation of fine food and wine.  When we see you come through our doorway smiling and anticipating the enjoyment in store for you, it makes us very happy that we entered the hospitality industry here in Wilmington, Delaware.

Thank you, our new and old friends, for supporting our dreams.  We are most fortunate to receive this most valuable gift.  In this holiday season, we want to wish you everything fine and delicious in 2017.

Mike and Beth

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