Skip the Material Gift – Give an Experience

Gifts Worth Giving, Part 2

The second “gift worth giving” that we’ve been thinking about this holiday season is the gift of an experience.  If you can afford a trip to Italy, we recommend you give that.  But, if you have in mind a slightly less grand present, we suggest you bring someone to Domaine Hudson for dinner – especially someone who hasn’t been here in recent years.

Our patrons tell us – and we believe –  that there is a distinct “Domaine Hudson experience.”  They say you feel it the moment you walk in. They love our décor and ambience, the friendly greeters at the door, the polished host, and the attentive but not intrusive service.  Of course, a key part of the experience is the phenomenal food, and with the expertise of our Sommelier and service staff, the wine pairing is exceptional.

We know a lot of people think coming here is for special occasions, and we do love helping you celebrate milestones.  But we believe we’ve created  a warm and welcoming experience so that you feel just as comfortable stopping in for Happy Hour and Bar Bites as you do for a full dinner.

So skip the unnecessary sweater or gloves present, and invite someone to join you on an experience they will remember.  Dine at Domaine!

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