The Season of Friendship and Celebration

Start with a luscious cheese,
Start with a luscious cheese, crudite, charcuterie setting

Today is the last  Monday of summer. Bummer. But we don’t want to be a downer. So let’s talk about the good things coming up in the next few months.

Fall and winter are the seasons of friendship and parties and joy! Halloween parties in October, Thanksgiving in November, all of December seems to be a holiday, and then the New Year.
Okay, back to the downer part. Are you the one in the workplace or family who has to do the planning for the get-togethers? We have the answer for you.

Let us do it.
Private parties at Domaine Hudson are upscale, turn-key, delicious and fun! We have space to serve every need – from a dozen in our Grand Cru room to 70 in the entire restaurant.  We graciously host your office staff, family or group of friends.
One thing, though: don’t put it off. Early reservations ensure you the dates and times you want. So set your dates and give us a call. We’ll do the rest. Then enjoy spending quality time in the season of friendship and celebration.

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