Has Your Muse Been on Vacation?

“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great,
if it is given with affection.
 —  Ancient Greek Lyric Poet, Pindar

Who is Pindar and why are we talking about muses? He was a prolific Greek poet known for writing “Victory Odes” to celebrate the winners of athletic contests such as the ancient Olympics.
He was our muse when we were naming a new craft cocktail that’s created around a lip-licking ancient Greek potion, Rakomelo. We called it Pindar’s Muse in homage to Greek poets, Greek liquors, and victory. 
Has Your Muse Been on Vacation?
Are you feeling like a summer slug when conjuring up an idea for an impressive celebration for your spouse, friend or partner’s birthday or anniversary? We have just the muse to spark your creativity!
Bring your friend or loved one to DH and let Pindar’s Muse help you. It’s the newest treat on our Craft Cocktail list, and it’s sure to add spice to your celebration. Made of Ford’s Gin, Roots Rakomelo Honey Liquor, fresh lemon and housemade simple syrup, it’s sure to have you reciting poetry in no time.
Now, back to Pindar’s wisdom:
“Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals;
but enjoy to the full the resources
that are within thy reach.”
Translation: stop in today!