Four Ways to Make Date Night Great

Want to make your Date Night special? A little extra thought and planning will make a real impact. Here are four ideas to help you kick up your next date:

1. Dinner and a movie is always great date, but change it up.  Have dinner after the movie. Experts say that when couples discuss the movies they saw together, they become more in tune with each other.

2. Build anticipation. Invite your partner with a special invitation and surprise. Put sticky notes on the mirror or the windshield reminding your partner how much you’re looking forward to your evening together.

3. Order flowers to be delivered to the restaurant as a way of showing your affection and thoughtfulness.

4. Make a reservation at Domaine Hudson on a Date Night Thursday for a great romantic atmosphere and a special offer:  3-course dinner for two and a bottle of wine for just $95 per couple.  Call 302.655.9463 for your reservation.

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