Delaware Native’s Blog Gets Attention of Food Network

Delaware Native’s Blog Gets Attention of Food Network

Read about Skyler Bouchard, a 22 year old Greenville, DE native that has a passion for food.  You can visit her website at  and read about restaurant and food trend reviews as well as original recipes.  See below from the News Journal Article by Jordan McBride:


We asked Skyler Bouchard what her favorite restaurants in Delaware are. This was her answer.

• Tonic Bar and Grille: The perfect restaurant for all occasions. Great space, great vibes and delicious food with anything from duck and foie gras ravioli to a juicy burger. One thing I must note is that the Sunday beef Wellington special is absolutely phenomenal. My dying wish would be to eat that beef Wellington as my last meal on this planet.

• House of William and Merry: A cute, homey farm-to-table restaurant in Hockessin that is great for special occasions and intimate dinners. The menu is always exciting and creative. I love to come here with my parents.

• Domaine Hudson: I think Domaine Hudson is one of the hidden gems in Wilmington’s fine-dining scene. The atmosphere is elegant; the food is delicious; and the wine list is extensive. One of the coolest parts about the Domaine Hudson experience is their virtual wine list – the waiter brings you an iPad where you can learn about all of the wines before choosing one. Very cool and innovative.

• Sweet Lucy’s: I know this may not count as a dine-in restaurant, but their cookie monster ice cream makes my soul transcend into another universe.

• Eclipse: Casual, classic and always reliable.

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