Celebrate International Chardonnay Day on May 23

Celebrate International Chardonnay Day on May 23 at DOmaine Hudson
Celebrate International Chardonnay Day on May 23 at Domaine Hudson

Join us to celebrate International Chardonnay Day at Domaine Hudson on May 23!
Have you heard of the ABC Club – “Anything But Chardonnay”? Astute white wine drinkers know that should actually be “Anything but BAD Chardonnay” because that’s the real cause of the misconception about this versatile, delightful wine.
We thought we’d take this International Chardonnay Day, May 23,  as an occasion to introduce you to some delectable Chards that may convert you!
Chards come in three styles – a smooth, buttery, rich variety; a crisp, light unoaked variety, and a sparkling style.  Many people are familiar with the heavily oaked Chardonnays that often come from California producers. If that’s the only type you’ve tasted, you’re missing out on some real surprises, as an unoaked or lightly oaked Chard may just be your cup of tea… uh, vino.
So let us help you reassess your opinion of Chardonnays. Stop by next Thursday and try a Chardonnay flight – you’ll get FOUR chards from our By-the-Glass list for just $25.

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