Botany is for Lovers

It’s back-to-school day. First – the math.  What is the sum of:  




That’s Correct! A Pear Martini!  (OK, so you need a little gin and vermouth, too.)

Now for the Botany:

Not just any Pear Martini — a Madeline Pear Martini, known around these parts as the “Madeline aux Poire.”

Madelines are among the earliest pears to ripen in pear season. They’re juicy, and have a sweet, rich, buttery flavor.  The Madeline got its name because it perfectly ripens in France at the time of the Feast of St. Madeline.  It is said to be one of the finest fruits of the season.

And — around these parts — it’s said to be one of the finest cocktails on our very fine cocktail list. Its flavors of pear, elderberry and lemon will have you giving it an “A”.

Stop in and try one! We think you’ll be a very happy student.



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