Brandywine Valley Restaurant Week – Sept. 9 – 14

We love participating in our community’s various restaurant week events. The popular Brandywine Valley Restaurant Week kicks off on September 9 and ends on the 14th. During these events, we do something we rarely do: in addition to our exquisite dinners, we also serve mouth-watering lunch from Monday through Friday! Usually, our focus is on dinners, taking the day to plan and prepare creative cuisine, whenever… [Read More]

Has Your Muse Been on Vacation?

“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.  —  Ancient Greek Lyric Poet, Pindar Who is Pindar and why are we talking about muses? He was a prolific Greek poet known for writing “Victory Odes” to celebrate the winners of athletic contests such as the ancient Olympics. He was our muse when we… [Read More]

Don’t Go Sideways – Go Straight to Pinot Noir

 “It’s not a survivor like Cabernet…Pinot needs constant care and attention…it can only grow in these really specific, little, tucked-away corners of the world. And only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot’s potential can then coax it into its fullest expression… Then, I mean, oh, its flavors. They’re just the… [Read More]

Wine Spectator Says We’re Best of the Best!

Domaine Hudson has been awarded a 2019 Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence for our “Outstanding Wine Program”. DH was the only Wilmington restaurant to receive a Wine Spectator award this year. “We are honored to be selected for the Best of Award of Excellence by the Wine Spectator organization,” said Mike Ross, Domaine Hudson co-owner. “Having received numerous awards for our wine program… [Read More]

How to Get Out of a Wine Rut

It’s easy to get stuck in a wine rut. (Hello, Carl Roy Cabernet Sauvignon.) So how do you get out?  Of course, the easiest way is to ask your Domaine Hudson server for recommendations of wines to pair with your meal. But if you want to do a little research on your own, you might refer to one of these wine bloggers, winners of the… [Read More]

Enough With the Grill, Already

Yes, summertime is entertaining-in-the-backyard and grilling time.  And, yes, we all love a great cookout.  Except, perhaps, for the people having to plan, shop, prep, cook, serve, clean up, and replant the grass.  If you’re looking forward to a special occasion this summer, you might just want to consider moving the celebration inside and leave the mosquitos behind. We have three lovely indoor private dining options… [Read More]

Your June VIP Reward

We’re offering a June special reward for our VIP members! If you’re already a VIP, check your email for details on this really worthwhile offer. Or, call us and we’ll tell you all about it. If you’re not a member, jump over to the VIP enrollment page now and sign up- it takes less than one minute.   Then, you’ll get special offers, early notice of… [Read More]

Dad’s Day of Indulgence

Let’s be honest: planning for Father’s Day can be difficult. It’s a busy time of year, what with school letting out, camps to sign up for, graduations to plan, caregivers to find…  yes, Father’s Day planning can fall through the cracks. Add to that, we always think Dad just wants to stay home and sizzle up something on the grill.  But, does he really want… [Read More]

Think Pink – Rosé Day

Think pink! And by pink, I mean Rosé. Because it’s National Rose Day, and we have a flight of excellent Rosés for you to taste! I know, it doesn’t take a lot of coaxing to convince you to try one of summer’s favorite treats.  You’ll find Rosésin many forms and shades –  still or bubbly, sweet or dry, deep pink, pale pink, and orange-pink. Unlike many of its… [Read More]

Who doesn’t love a great reward?

Are you a Domaine Hudson VIP Rewards member? If you answered “not yet,” you’re missing out! This month we’re offering a June special for our VIP members only! We can’t tell you what it is until you enroll, but take our word for it – it’s amazing!All you have to do is sign up by clicking on the VIP rewards icon on the front page… [Read More]