The Story

Married in 2006, Mike and Beth Ross began a new life filled with food, fun, and delicious wine. Their passion for fine dining may be a distant cry from their careers in the field of veterinary science, but throughout the years (and many trips to Italy!), they have both developed a love and appreciation for the artistry of the culinary world.

As they began to pursue their culinary interests further, Mike and Beth entertained the notion of owning their own restaurant. While out for a night of birthday celebrations at Domaine Hudson, the two met then owner Tom Hudson and from there, that simple notion transformed into something more. In 2011, Mike and Beth’s desire for a restaurant to call their own had come to fruition.

Mike and Beth Ross cherish fine wine and amazing food and want their guests to experience those same feelings. Their passion and commitment are evident in every mouth-watering dish and award-winning wine placed before you. Countless tours of fine wineries around the world as well as late night meals steeped in culture have allowed Mike and Beth to experience the best the fine dining world has to offer and bring it back to Domaine Hudson.

Under Mike and Beth’s ownership, Domaine Hudson has won countless awards and accolades that praise everything from their award-winning wine list and Zagat-rated food to their exemplary customer service and signature cocktails. An evening at Domaine Hudson is more than just a delicious meal; it is an experience. Mike and Beth strive to create the epitome of your perfect night out by offering unparalleled food and wine pairings, personalized service, and understated elegance.

Make a reservation today and experience for yourself why Domaine Hudson is hailed as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Wilmington, Delaware!